Welcome to Soft Tech Pty Ltd Soft Tech Pty Ltd is the leading provider of totally integrated solutions for linking information technology to the physical world.  Soft Tech is the Manufacturer's Representative/ Authorized Distributors/ Authorized Partners for Products, Systems and  Solutions in the Auto-ID industry. Our business involves products catering to the needs for Barcode Scanners and Printer  Hardwares, Card Printing Systems, RF Network Data Management and Mobile Network Solutions  As an Auto-ID company,Soft Tech understands your business and your application needs. We've developed in-depth expertise  in areas as diverse as: Education Healthcare Retailing Manufacturing Assets Management Transportation and Logistics Government Sectors Warehousing For more information or to schedule a demo, contact our Sales Personnel at sales@softtech.info  or call +61 3 9013 7490   COPYRIGHT © 2012-13, Soft Tech Pty Ltd. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.